בעקבות ההרצאה בהקונגרס העולמי ה-17 למדעי היהדות

ההרצאה Sara Offenberg:“Better is the Sight of the Eyes than the Wandering of the Desire”: On Micrographic Decoration in the Erfurt Bible 1212 '

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Erfurt Collection -Originally a bundle of 17 manuscripts belonging to the medieval community of Erfurt ended up in the hands of the Erfurt Council during the plague pogrom in 1349 and is called “Erfurt Collection”. The valuable manuscripts were shut away until the second half of the 17th century in the Erfurt Council Library, and then appeared in the inventory of the library of the Evangelical Ministry in the Augustinian Monastery, from where they were sold to the Royal Library in Berlin for conservation reasons. The manuscripts consist of:

  • המקור - כולל 9 צילומים מן האוסף

שיקופיות מההרצאה

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